Saturday, September 22, 2018

Some Years Are For Growing

Some years are for growing;
But this one,
This one is for
~ Lauren M. Garcia

Growing years.
Growing seasons.
They can be rough.

But in the end, if we allow the Almighty to use the circumstance for good, it will be beneficial.
It will hurt.
We might squirm in discomfort.
But it can make us stronger.
It can make us more resilient.
It can even make us want to grow again...
...just so we can bloom victorious once more.

This last year my health has not been the greatest. In fact some days were downright painful beyond bearing.

But here I am 14 months into this thing and I have realized that God used this physical pain for spiritual growth.
It caused us to pray more fervently.
It heightened our need to pray for others, not just ourselves.
It made me slow down to the point where it was painfully reminding me that I can't do this alone.
It's OK to accept help. It's OK to delegate.
Is't quite OK to simply say "I'm sorry, but I can't" and not feel guilty about it.

If you are going through a season of stretching and growth that has brought on pain and discomfort, take heart.
Soon, my dears, it will be a time for blooming.

All photographs are taken by yours truly, unless otherwise noted. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Red and White Country Tablescape with Blackberries with Overnight Oats

Saturday night my little love asked what we were going to do before heading out for church the next morning. Since our property is just starting to produce a bounty of ripe blackberries we decided to go berry pickin' as a family in the morning. 

After she headed off to bed I decided to set the table all cute in red and white gingham and surprise her. She loves fancy tables and dinner parties. This little breakfast would be enjoyed by just the 3 of us, but it's important to do fun little things with just family as well.

The tablesettings were simple but oh so farmy and cute!

Red speckled enamelware, cherry cloth napkins, a white corelle dish with tiny blue floral pattern, and a cute little star shaped bowl to set our mason jar of overnight oats in. 

I know overnight oats are not a new concept, but we just discovered them a few months ago and loved them! They are yummy and very easy to put together. We usually make them assembly line style and make 9-10 at a time. They last 3-4 days in the fridge. 

There are lots of recipes out there, but this is what we came up with. It's creamy enough without getting the oats too soggy.

Overnight Oats

Place ingredients in a pint size jar in this order:

1/4 c. oats.....
1/3 c. greek yogurt
1/3 c. milk ( great with almond milk too!)
Add toppings, a lid and refrigerate overnight. 
Our favorite toppings have been shredded coconut with pineapple, strawberries or blueberries and cinnamon with honey. I'm thinking a scoop of cookie butter in there would be delectable too!

On this morning I had made the oats as I explained above and added a generous tablespoon of shredded sweetened coconut. The next morning , after picking blackberries, we added them on top with a drizzle of a local honey. Then squish those blackberries as you mix it all in. Heavenly combo!

Isn't this little sugar spoon the cutest! It was a Magnolia Market gift from my mama-in-law. It says, "Hey there sugar!" 

The salt and pepper chicks graced our table even though we didn't need s&p. That's OK, they looked cute!

Thank you for stopping by to check out our little country breakfast!

Have you over tried overnight oats?
What toppings sound good to you!
I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Zucchini... Good Grief! What will I do with it all!

The weather has finally shifted here in the Pacific Northwest and it's been ideal for ripening the summer crops. We had a wet and cold start to the summer. The last few days have been unbearably hot for me, but the garden has been very happy! Our view is very clouded by the smoke from BC. Our prayers go out to those who have been affected and those who continue to aid in the efforts to end this. 

Here is a picture of the yummy food harvested this evening.

From left to right: Yellow "Cheddar" cauliflower, zucchini, kohlrabi, small pepper, 1 cherry tomato, green beans, yellow summer squash, Walla Walla onion, huge turnip, and 2 cucumbers.

Looks like I have some scrumptious veggies to use this week... and I need some new zucchini recipes to try out! This is only a few of the dozen or more we'll have within the week!

Pretty soon I'm gonna be gifting our Zucchini like Oprah gifting her studio audience.... Beware friends and family! haha!

Photo credit here. Links to 20 Dishes and Drinks you can Zucchini-fy

Here are a few recipes I'm thinking of trying:
(click on the titles to follow the pinterest link)

Do you have any favorite uses for zucchini?
How about a recipe to share?
I'd love to hear in the comments below! 

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Beach Musings

We were at the beach on the pacific coast. The winds blew hard enough to need my ears covered, but light enough to be out in a long sleeve tee and rolled up jeans. No heavy jackets were needed that day. Little girl was running in and out  of the water with no care for whether or not she was soaked or sandy. Her squeals filled the air as she hopped from tide pool to tide pool and then ran into the shallow waves that lapped the glittering sand. The sun was not close to setting and yet there was this glorious feeling of the softness that the evening rays give as they poke between the clouds and give them golden linings. The scene in front of me was a rainbow of blues. Every shade imaginable seemed to be represented in the sky and the water. The horizon was lined with the waves that crashed the furthest away and the shore shone with the shallow waters that rolled over the sand. The sand seemed to sparkle. The water was cool. I wanted to capture this moment, but a picture hardly did it justice. A video didn’t cut it either. Sure they captured the view of the memory and I would treasure those moments etched on film. But how could I capture the feeling deep down in my soul? 

I prayed, thanking God for this marvelous creation. I kept saying over and over, “Let me drink this all in and not forget how this very moment makes me feel.” I smiled and tilted my head back in the wind. “Don’t ever let me be too hurried so that I miss the glory of your creation. I want to see your name written on all of it. Don’t let me miss the fullness of who you are and what you’ve made.” 

And it was as if he spoke to my heart saying, “Look down.” I opened my eyes. Running past me was my little girl. Her braids full of salt and sand. Shorts and sleeves were soaked with the sea. Without a care in the world she hollered, “Yippie-kai-yay!” Flashing me her sweet smile that makes me melt, she giggled and ran back and forth in front of me letting the sand squish between her toes and kicking the water high up in the air. 

“A sample of my glory is in front of you every day. She is my creation. She is my child. My name is written on her heart and in her life. When you savor the wonder of your daughter you are enjoying my creation.” 

I shifted my focus. 

It was now completely on her. The shades of blue were no longer as captivating. Instead they provided the perfect backdrop, framing her little face. Highlighting the two freckles on her cheek. Those little hands waved in the air. How could they be so big already and yet still so little? The sun now made the little curls that peeked out from under the sides of her hat shine like gold. My prayer intensified. Tears threatened to fill my eyes. 

“God, don’t let me miss the wonder of you reflected in her life. You made something good when you made her.”

My sweet friends, savor the wonder of your family. They’re not perfect. Mine isn’t. No one’s is. That’s ok. We all make mistakes, get frustrated and have less than ideal days. But that doesn’t mean that the part of God’s creation that has been given to you – your family – is any less beautiful and valuable. Strive to see the good and the mysterious hand of God in them. Especially on a frustrating day. It will help refocus your heart and your thoughts. 

Praise the Lord for your family. 
Give Him the glory for them.

It’s been weeks since we’ve been on the shore… and I still find myself transporting back to that moment in my thoughts... 


Remembering the day that I drank in the glory of God’s creation.
And how His little creation, my daughter, is a reflection of Him.

What memories refocus your heart 
on the blessing that your family is?

When was the last time that you decided to just 
sit and soak up the beauty of your family?

I would love to hear your thoughts about the wonder of God 
that you see in your family in the comments below!

All pictures are exclusive content of this blog unless otherwise noted. 
Thanks to my mother for capturing this moment on film. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Roses for the Master Bedroom

Last February hubby was on a business trip in Texas and I made him promise that if he was anywhere near Magnolia Market Silos that he would go... for me... because that store is on my bucketlist and I wanted to live vicariously through him. He thought that he was staying possibly 4+ hours away. But upon arrival he found out that he was actually 2 hours away. Only 2 hours?!?! That's doable right!  

Tulip fields with my little girl... and I'm wearing my Magnolia Farms hat!

Well he was an absolute sweetheart and made the 2 hour trek and braved the lines to surprise me. Oh surprise me he did! Besides a cute hat, tee and tote, he hid one item to be a gift for our anniversary a few weeks later. I had no clue that he had somehow fit this amazing Jimmy Don metal-works sign in his small carry on. 

grow old along with me the best is yet to be...

I squealed with joy when I saw it! I wanted to hang it up right away but was unsure where. I played around with it in several different rooms and on several different walls. But I kept coming back to an empty wall in our master bedroom. At that point we had only been in our dream home for 1 year and several walls were ( and are) still waiting for some love. 

It took a while, but here's the vignette that I came up with a couple months ago and I'm loving it. 

The sign with the N is from hobby lobby, as is the picture frame on the armoire. 

This cute ceramic church was a Boutique find (Goodwill) and used to be perched on top of a cake stand on top of my kitchen cabinets in our last house. 

That darling turquoise dish is part of a set sold by Avon years ago. It had a perfume bottle on top. The dish was my Grandma's and it is full of the very last roses she gave me before she passed. That picture was taken on our anniversary trip this year. It's one of my favorites of the two of us... and I'm wearing my Magnolia Farms hat in the picture!

The large chippy frame was a Fancy Store ( Goodwill Outlet) find from years ago. I just dry brush painted the white haphazardly over the textured brown frame. Easy peasy! Over the years I have displayed different pictures and sayings seasonally. (You know me, I love to decorate seasonally!)

Isn't that rose paper so pretty? Did you know that Hobby Lobby sells large patterned poster board? These were the three I was considering to fill this frame. 


Here is each on in the frame to give you an idea. They were all cute, but the pink roses won my heart. 

Now as you may know, my home is my playground. I love to change things up! So I used my non permanent trick for adding paper to empty frames without glass. 

Are you ready? 
It's so high tech it may blow your mind!

Painters Tape! Yep, this allows me to change it out for the season or if I need to use the frame for a party I'm hosting and the colored paper doesn't match. All you have to do is cut the paper so that is nestles in the inner lip of the frame where the glass would set. Tape it down. Voila! Instant cuteness. 

This just makes my heart happy!

What are your simple tricks to add instant pretty to you home? 
Have you blogged about it? 
Feel free to link to that post below. 
I'd love to check it out!

All photos are taken by yours truly unless otherwise noted, and are exclusive content of this blog. 
This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why Is Summer So Hard To Decorate For?

Picture me standing up in the middle of a group and solemnly saying, "Hi, my name is Emily. And I decorate my home for every season. I am known to decorate more heavily for some seasons, and I am not ashamed of it. But I struggle with decorating for the summer months." And this is where all of you that belong to the same support group that struggles with summer home decor say, "Hi Emily." and we have punch and cookies while commiserating. 

My home is my playground, so I am always getting some harebrained idea and moving decor and furniture around. But after the cute spring decor goes into the bin I find myself stumped. Don’t get me wrong I love the foundation of my home (furniture, wall colors, neutral decor). But when you decorate seasonally, summer can seem so bland ya know?

Our home is what we call farmhouse chic. Lots of chippy and rusty goodness with a touch of glitz. That makes sense, right? I thought I would try a subdued nautical theme in my living room this summer but nothing seemed quite right. So after having an empty mantle staring at me for weeks I decided that I didn't need a summer theme per say. I could just keep up my anchor items where they were in the house and add a touch of summer here and there. (By the way, my mom is amazing at seasonal decor... even summer! I need to take after her next year.) 

What I did wasn't revolutionary and I wont be winning a Pulitzer for these tips I'm sharing, but I hope it will spark some creativity for you who are summer-decor-challenged like me. 

Here are 4 Easy Tips if you find yourself in a summer décor rut.

1. Add one summer element to an existing large piece of décor.

Meet Petunia the cow. There is a funny story of how she came to reside at our home, but I’ll save that for another day. We mounted her on this old chippy door that we stenciled and added some awesome structural bolts with malleable dock washers for contrast. (It's held on the wall with drywall screws behind the bolts.) 

The magnolia blossoms stay there year round as they are a neutral color and I add in 5-6 décor picks or sprays according to the season. For summer I have chosen 3 apple picks and 2 lemon picks.  It’s a fun nod to the summer bounty of our garden.

Petunia also receives an update seasonally. This summer it’s a checkered ribbon with a cowbell. Cuteness!

Don’t have a cow head of your own? You can buy one here if you fancy. You could also add these fruit picks to an existing bouquet, tuck them around larger items on your mantle, add them to a wreath, the options are endless.

2. Switch out your pillow covers.

I’m not taking about buying all new pillows. Just cute seasonal covers. This is where you can have some fun. If you’re just switching out the covers it is a) less expensive and b) requires much less storage.  A while ago I purchased 2 pillow forms that are exactly the same and these are the ones I change out seasonally when needed. 

Sorry about the glare on the "Welcome Y'all." It was so sunny in there!

The others ( in the background of the pictures) are my anchor pillows. They get switched from room to room throughout the year, but their covers stay the same.

3. Use unexpected items from other rooms in the house.

Mason jars are not just for the kitchen. 

Tiny one hundred year old books, like the black book pictured, are not just for the library. Don’t hide the milk jar and enamel plate in the kitchen, it belongs in the entryway. 

Toy tractors are quite at home in the kitchen windowsill.

4. Bring the outdoors in.

Pick hydrangea blooms, daisies, even the kid’s precious bouquet of dandelions and display them in a row. 

 Hydrangeas are gorgeous fresh, dried right in the jar to retain color or completely dried from the bush you forgot to prune last year.  

Isn't this rustic wash bin perfectly lovely with it's overflowing, blue hydrangeas?  It looks like I have a small bush in there! The secret to getting the stems all close together in a bunch so that they look all bushy is to place three mason jars inside. This keeps them bunched together and looking fuller. It also makes it convenient when I need to change the water.

This is Annabel, my chicken door stopper. She usually lives in the garden, but for the summer she’s sittin’ pretty by my living room fireplace. What else could be brought in? How about a small orchard ladder for the family room? (hint hint hubby!)

Do you decorate seasonally? How do you decorate for summer?
Please comment below!
I’d love to hear what you do to keep your summer décor fresh!

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 
All photos taken by yours truly unless otherwise noted and are exclusive content of this blog. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hello there!

Hello there! My name is Emily. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the blogging world.

 Well hello there!

I was a lifestyle, hobby blogger for a couple years a while back. I had to take a break for a while and when I was wanting to get back to it life was simply too busy to dedicate the time it deserved. But the break (long as it may have been) was a great time to evaluate why I want to blog. Want to know more about why I do (and why I don’t) blog? You can read moreabout that here.

With my little girl.

After a lot of planning, dreaming and encouragement from my hubby I am ready to jump back in and reconnect with old blogging friends and hopefully make new ones. So Sunny Day is where I’ll share the things that make my heart happy: Home décor, DIY, family activities, homeschool ideas, recipes, faith, some posts from my previous blog, and whatever floats my boat.

Hubby and I 

My plan is to share something 2-3 times a week, but to get things started off I’ll be sharing a post every day this first week. I’ll try and make it a little different each day so that you can get a taste of what I plan to share as time goes along.  

My sweet little girl.

I’d so appreciate it if you would subscribe/follow and leave a comment below so that we can stay in touch. If you are a blogger, please connect with me in the comments and let me know your blog name so I can read your posts too.

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